Gareth Monoflap Dressage Saddle

British Dressage Sponsorwith the Performance Panel

Patent: GB2515079

We developed this saddle with 2014 WEG team silver medallist Gareth Hughes who wanted a saddle that allowed him to feel a greater connection with his horse without restricting the ability to give the subtlest aids or make minute adjustments.

Fairfax Rebecca Monoflap Dressage Saddle

British Dressage Sponsorwith the Performance Panel

Patent: GB2515079

Following the unprecedented success of the Fairfax Gareth Dressage Monoflap saddle, we started to receive repeated requests for a more ‘feminine’ version. So we asked renowned producer of young dressage horses and equestrian style icon Rebecca Hughes to add some luxurious design touches.

Monoflap Dressage

British Dressage SponsorPatent: GB2515079

With an elegant monoflap design complemented by the softest calfskins and quality English butt leather, the Fairfax monoflap dressage promotes an exceptionally close relationship between horse and rider. Intensive scientific testing has proven that the unique and patent applied for two-part panel design allows the horse to move with greatly improved limb extension, joint flexion and gait symmetry.

Fairfax Andrew Hoy XC Saddle

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Patent application: GB2505962

Developed with seven-times Olympian Andrew Hoy to enable him to feel a greater harmony with his horses, the specifically designed seat aligns the rider precisely over the horse’s centre of balance, enabling them both to perform at their best.

Fairfax Monoflap XC - Havanna

British Eventing SponsorPatent application: GB2505962

Our XC saddle features our advanced split-panel design. The purpose is to separate the weight-bearing part under the rider’s seat from the part under the rider’s knee, which lies over the shoulder, therefore giving the shoulder independence of movement.

Fairfax Spirit Jump 3/4 Angle

with the Performance Panel

Patent application: GB2505962

Designed specifically with show jumpers in mind, the panel concept de-restricts the shoulder and knee apparatus in flight, allowing the horse greater freedom of movement and therefore increased clearance over the fence. The slim-line design improves the rider’s sense of connectivity with their horse, aiding unity and a closer leg contact.

Fairfax Jump Saddle - Havanna

Patent application: GB2505962

The Original Fairfax Jump saddle was developed and tested using pressure mapping and gait analysis technology