1. Get the benefit

  • The benefits of the Performance Girth are cumulative. So use it all the time for training and competition.

2. Storage

  • When not in use, detach the girth and lay it on top of the saddle to maintain its natural curvature.

3. Cleaning

  • Rapide Leather Gel

    Use warm water to sponge away sweat and dirt after EVERY use. A mild detergent can be added to the water.
    IMPORTANT! The soft hide leather used on the girth to provide the ultimate comfort for your horse can become damaged by sweat, causing it to become hard and cracked. Removing the sweat after every use will prolong the lifespan and maintain the softness of your Performance Girth.
  • Dry as thoroughly as possible using a clean towel.
  • When dry, apply Rapide Leathergel to all surfaces and rub in with a soft, clean cloth.

4. Important

  • Avoid all glycerine and oil based cleaners and feeders. These can adversely affect the leather, potentially causing drying and cracking, particularly to the soft padded hide sections.
  • Wait until the leather is thoroughly dry before applying any treatment.
  • Allow leather to dry naturally.
    Do NOT place on radiators, Aga, hot pipes etc.
  • Never use wet tack.

English version


Dutch version

5. Let the buckles take the strain

Always thread the billet through the buckle before pulling the girth up. Do not use the leather keepers above the buckle to do the girth up - you will break them!

Don't use the girth loops to tighten

Do NOT use the leather keeper

Do use the girth buckles to tighten the girth

DO use the buckles